The latest Neil McMahon medical mystery, To The Bone, finds emergency room physician Carroll Monks struggling to save the life of a beautiful young woman scant hours after her breast augmentation surgery. The symptoms are baffling, and the woman's condition spirals downward rapidly. When all the conventional protocols fail, Monks risks one last-ditch radical approach. It backfires, and the woman dies. In short order, he is called on the carpet by the hospital administrator over his unconventional treatment; and accusations of incompetence are leveled at him by the surgeon who performed the breast augmentation and by the family of the dead woman. Still, Monks is perplexed by the woman's death and convinced that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. With the help of a private detective friend, he launches an investigation and is quickly drawn into a decadent and deadly game, one that could easily cost him his reputation, his career or even his life.

With each successive Carroll Monks novel, Neil McMahon delves deeper into the character of his iconoclastic protagonist. The plots are increasingly intricate, the villains more depraved. Fans of the medical mysteries of Thomas Harris or Patricia Cornwell should find a place for To The Bone on their autumn short list.

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