Finally, for a frothy escape into the world of the decadently rich try Sparkles by best-selling English author Louise Bagshawe. Sophie Massot, the young and beautiful widow of aristocratic French jewelry magnate Pierre, takes control of her husband's business and sets in motion a battle for control of the massive fortunes and secrets of the Massot family. Sophie is, of course, the uncorrupted and sweet beauty who can bring healing to the tortured heart of the man who would have been her enemy. Here is a world where the women are tiny and fragrant and wear diamond studs the size of walnuts (without a trace of vulgarity, bien s&anducirc;r), the men are dashing and own castles, and everyone, of course, flies first class. The rich are different and we love to read of their trials and tribulations and imagine it's our chateau, designer clothes, trim body and rubies. Or maybe that's just shallow, shallow me. Sparkles would be a great hefty book for a long airplane ride or that spring break holiday. Barbara Samuel's Lady Luck's Map of Vegas has been named a Target BreakOut Book.

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