This reader bears swooning weakness for stories of mistaken identity, and Julia London has written a beauty in The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount, the third in The Desperate Debutantes series about three orphaned sisters trying to make their way in Regency England. Lady Phoebe Fairchild, who is playing the role of the mythical Madame Dupree, modiste extraordinaire, has been cornered into making gowns for the hellion sisters of the long-absent viscount William Darby the juiciest catch of the season. Phoebe would love to disagree, but the man is simply devastating, and almost from the first moment, a shimmering connection blooms between them. But Will thinks Phoebe is just a seamstress, and the viscount must find a wife among the nobility, so of course their love is doomed. Especially when Will finds out that Phoebe has lied to him. London is a terrific writer with a good ear for dialogue and an exquisite period sensibility, and Will is an especially winning hero, a man of honor and education who is worthy of the heroine who loves him. Yum. Barbara Samuel's next novel will be out from Bantam in 2008. Read her opinions on travel and books at

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