Chick lit has to be the most misunderstood genre in the book world at the moment, attracting a fierce heat that was once solely reserved for bodice rippers. Yes, some of it can be a bit shrieky and shallow, but chick lit fills a long-missing gap in the timeline of romance, sliding neatly into the spot between young adult novels and those about the settling-down period. At its best, chick lit is an exploration of the ways healthy and not that young women become the whole person they must be in order to find a true mate. The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club by Jessica Morrison is just such a winning tale. Cassie Moore has played by the rules her entire life. At 28, she has a job she loves, a terrific fiancŽ (who proposed in a very romantic way) and a beautiful apartment in Seattle. In one day, she loses it all. Stunned and reeling this kind of thing was never in her plan! she reacts by doing something completely unexpected: booking herself a six-month trip to Buenos Aires. She's never been, doesn't speak Spanish, and when she arrives in the bustling, enormous city after dark to find prostitutes on her corner, she's sure this is going to be the biggest mistake of her life. But as she learns to find her way through the seductive and exotic landscape of the city, Cassie can't seem to stick to the many plans she keeps trying to put together, and eventually, with the help of ex-pat friends and her warm-spirited landlady, Cassie finds out that sometimes life has a much better plan than we could possibly make for ourselves. Fresh, inventive and highly appealing. Barbara Samuel writes women's fiction, romances and many other things, including a blog at

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