Jamie Oliver, naked no more and now a big-time celebrity chef, loves Italy, Italians and Italian food. And Jamie's Italy, his sixth cookbook, is his ode to Italia, with more than 120 recipes, presented with his signature enthusiasm, chatty style and idiosyncratic instructions (a glug of olive oil, a swig of vinegar, get the heat going full whack ) and spiced with his verbal snapshots of the places he went and the people he met. The recipes are truly intriguing Jamie's come up with terrific takes on classics like panzanella, minestrone and chicken cacciatora, but it's the spaghetti with shrimp and arugula, fresh tuna meatballs, Tuscan beef stew with lots of garlic and black pepper, and simple Baked Mushrooms in a Bag that make this a true Jamie triumph.

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