<b>A jaguar's gift</b> <b>The Book of True Desires</b> by Betina Krahn features an adventure of another sort this one to the steamy jungles of Mayan Mexico in the late Victorian era. Beautiful, stubborn Cordelia Blackburn has been all over the world on expeditions, and now she's come to her tycoon of a grandfather to finance an expedition hoping to punish him for disowning her father to find King Solomon's mines. Her grandfather turns the tables on her and sends her on a different quest, with his butler in tow. Said butler, an indentured servant with a mysterious past, is British, arrogant and entirely too annoying, but Cordelia has no choice. As the pair makes their way through the jungle, stalked by a jaguar and seeking the treasure of a lifetime, they peel away the layers of civility to reveal the raw and vulnerable nature of human beings, and how we fall in love. A fast, sparkling, beautifully crafted historical romance.

<i>Barbara Samuel won a RITA Award for her latest novel,</i> Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.

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