<b>A little bit of me' time</b> The editorial staff of Bold Books scrambles to create instant books while bemoaning the state of their own romances in Melissa Senate's delightfully dishy <b>The Breakup Club</b>. Senior Editor Lucy's husband goes ballistic over paper plates at Thanksgiving dinner. Hours later, Lucy finds a New Year's Resolution in his pocket: leave Lucy. The marriage was perfect until then, unlike her younger sister Miranda's drive-by relationships. And then there's Christopher, trying to juggle weekend fatherhood with justifying why he got the promotion instead of Lucy. And the new kid at the office, Roxy, may be the sleeper destined to find true love with Robbie, er, Rob. This is as captivating a cluster of chick lit characters as readers would want to meet. Senate understands the realm of book publishing firsthand and delivers a delightful slice of the life of the newly single trying to make it in Manhattan. A treat!

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