A matchmaker finds love in When the Marquess Met His Match by Laura Lee Guhrke. American by birth, Lady Belinda Featherstone is aristocratic London’s best marriage broker. As a young widow, she makes a living by guiding other American heiresses to advantageous marriages. It’s a big surprise when Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, who has a reputation for running through money—and women—calls on her. Thirty-year-old Nicholas is desperate to find a rich wife to help end his financial woes. Belinda longs to turn the sexy, arrogant man away, but when a young family friend shows interest in the Marquess, she decides to save the youngster heartache by agreeing to find a suitable wife for Nicholas. Soon, however, the only woman Belinda wants to see in his arms is herself. Nicholas is equally attracted, but Belinda is not the super-wealthy wife he imagined—so a happily-­ever-after appears elusive. A delicious, sensual read about two good people rediscovering themselves and their belief in love.

In a world of wealth and glamour, former lovers reunite in Love After War by Cheris Hodges. Two years after Dana Singleton’s boyfriend declared that things were over, she finds herself back in Los Angeles and face-to-face with Adrian Bryant—the very guy who broke her heart. A celebrity photographer based in New York City, Dana is on assignment on the West Coast to take publicity shots for a film studio. Running into her old flame wasn’t on her agenda, but there he is, a successful nightclub owner, still as handsome as ever. With one look at Dana, Adrian realizes his mistake. He immediately knows he wants her back, even though wooing the woman he still loves is a distraction from the goal he’s been pursuing since their breakup—revenge on the man he’s learned is his biological father, a hotel magnate who turned his back on Adrian and his mother. As Dana becomes aware of Adrian’s obsession, she realizes he’ll have to come to grips with his past before they can find a future. This story sizzles!

Pamela Clare offers gritty and gripping romantic suspense in Striking Distance. For 18 months, reporter Laura Nilsson was held captive in a terrorist den, where she was threatened with death on a regular basis. When a military team brings the lead terrorist down, Laura is rescued . . . but her ordeal is far from over. Two years later, after she testifies against her abductor, the man publicly threatens her. Back in Denver, when a bomb explodes at the newspaper bureau where she works, Laura has to wonder if she’s the target. Navy SEAL Javier Corbray comes back into her life just when she needs a hero. They’d shared a passionate weekend before her kidnapping, and now mutual friends bring them together once more. As danger’s grasp tightens on Laura, Javier becomes both lover and protector and is impressed by her compassion and strength. But with more deaths and injuries occurring around them, they must pinpoint the mastermind before he puts an end to any future they might have. A steamy story filled with action, intriguing twists and an unexpected emotional wallop.

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