A Regency-era princess on the brink of an arranged marriage briefly escapes her royal fetters in The Princess and the Peer by Tracy Anne Warren. As her betrothal nears, Princess Emmaline travels alone to London, intending to surprise a former teacher. When Emma is robbed by thieves, she turns to a handsome nobleman who offers aid, and she moves into his home, pretending to be a governess. Nick, an earl, brings his aunt along as chaperone and promises Emma a week of London fun. This sounds perfect to a young lady on the verge of marrying a king she’s never met, and the pair do find fun . . . and more. Once they fall for each other and Nick assumes they’ll marry, Emma realizes that she has to face the reality of her royal life, and she regretfully leaves her new lover. But the princess underestimates the peer. Nick is not willing to let Emma go, and the two must find a way to be together. A charming story!

One pet pig, four cute kids and a family curse provide obstacles in Katie Lane’s contemporary Western romp, Catch Me a Cowboy. After losing her husband and making lousy financial decisions, Shirlene Dalton is living in a trailer, miles from her repossessed mansion in Bramble, Texas. There’s also trouble next door in the person of Billy Wilkes, who claims to be in town for a little hunting and fishing. He’s a sexy, simple country boy—or at least he seems to be a simple country boy—and Shirlene figures she can ignore him. Until, that is, she discovers a need for backup help when a handful of adorable but incorrigible kids comes into her life. Billy likes the folks of Bramble—and he especially likes Shirlene—but that doesn’t mean he can retreat from his secret plan for revenge on the town. His plan might mean hurting Shirlene, but a promise to family comes first . . . or does it? Nosy townsfolk, Texas twangs and an electric romantic attraction will leave readers smiling.

Suzanne Brockmann envisions a complex and compelling near future in Born to Darkness, the first book in a paranormal romantic suspense series. The Obermeyer Institute, a privately funded research organization, trains talented people to tap into the brain’s hidden powers. Aptly named “Greater Thans,” these super-humans sometimes aid beleaguered law enforcement. Their current focus: stopping a criminal organization that kidnaps and terrorizes young girls, then distributes an illegal and expensive drug created from their blood. Dr. Michelle Mackenzie and her team will do anything to rescue the children—even at the risk of their own lives. Mac risks her heart, as well, when she partners with a new recruit to the Institute, the dangerously attractive former Navy SEAL Shane Laughlin. Both sexy and suspenseful, this sizzling story will draw readers into a world of frightening evil and heroic action.

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