Phillipa Ashley reunites former lovers in Wish You Were Here. Eight years after she’d been loved and left by dashing travel guide Jack Thornfield, Beth Allen runs into him again—when he interviews her for a job she urgently needs. After her widowed father’s serious accident, Beth has been looking after the family business, her dad’s recovery and her younger sister. With her sister accepted at a prestigious drama school, Beth is eager to shore up their finances by taking a six-month job with an adventure travel company in London. But she’s shocked to discover that her would-be boss is the exact same man who asked her to marry him so long ago, and then promptly disappeared. Though he persuades her to take the position, Beth knows her heart won’t trust him again. As they work together, however, old yearnings resurface. Now older, wiser and still not over Beth, Jack wonders if their romance might be rekindled. But their past is in the way, not to mention current love interests who present more obstacles to a happy ending. A sun-drenched expedition to Corsica adds sparkle to this charming story.

A rakish duke woos a lovely heiress in Stefanie Sloane’s The Devil in Disguise. William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont, has been adamantly against marriage—and so has the object of his attention, Lady Lucinda Grey. But this season they appear to have changed their minds—or have they? What Lady Lucinda doesn’t know is that Will is one of the Young Corinthians, a group sworn to serve England. His current assignment is to protect Lucinda from a kidnapping threat—and courtship provides the perfect cover. While Lucinda is unaware of the danger, she knows the handsome duke poses trouble for her heart. Still, she’s persuaded to accept his attentions. The intrigue becomes more tangled as the delectable Lucinda gives Will a new belief in love. Lucinda falls for him, too—but she curses that feeling once she discovers Will’s ulterior motive. Readers will root for the reluctant lovers in this sensuous Regency tale spiced with danger.

Prepare to enter a dark, exotic world in Colleen Gleason’s The Vampire Narcise. In the course of business dealings with a vampir, Giordan Cale sets eyes on Narcise Moldavi. The circumstances are startling: Narcise’s brother forces her to fight for his entertainment. If she wins, she walks away; if she loses, her opponent gets to use her body for the night. Giordan is repulsed by the contest, but instantly enamored of Narcise, and he is determined to liberate her from her depraved sibling. But Giordan’s attempt requires a great sacrifice, and ultimately it is another, a mortal vampire hunter, who sets her free. While Narcise is grateful to her rescuer Chas Woodmore and the two become lovers, Giordan’s memory and his perceived betrayal still haunt her. When Narcise’s brother sets a trap to lure her and Giordan back, she must face the demon who imprisoned her and the truth of her feelings for Giordan as they struggle together to stop evil. Lush details, lavish love scenes and characters both noble and violent make this a thrilling ride not for the faint of heart.


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