A sharp observer of modern relationships, Shreve continues to produce spot-on romantic novels that resonate with readers. Her latest book follows a group of successful friends as they get together for a special wedding. Bill and Bridget were an item years ago in college at the Kidd Academy, and when they meet again at a reunion, the old flame is rekindled. The two quickly decide to marry. The divorced Bridget has breast cancer, giving the event an added urgency. Old college pals attend the wedding, which is held in Massachusetts at their friend Nora's inn. The unique cast of characters includes Harrison, a book publisher who is in love with Nora; Rob, a gay pianist; Agnes, a teacher; and Jerry, a hard-nosed Wall Street investor. Despite the joy of the occasion, there's a tinge of tragedy, as the group recalls the loss of their friend Stephen, a star athlete who died in an accident years ago. A snowstorm strands the group at the inn, and soon emotions are running high as the characters reflect on paths taken and not taken, choices and decisions, and what might have been. In the microcosm of this special reunion among friends, Shreve captures the human condition, providing sharp dialogue and a fulfilling resolution. A reading group guide is included in the book.

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