<B>Aladdin's magic</B> A rusty old Russian teapot becomes an object of destiny in Barbara Bretton's heart-tugging contemporary romance, <B>Shore Lights</B>. Maddy Bainbridge and Aidan O'Malley compete in an online auction for the antique samovar because each has a daughter who yearns for it. For Maddy, the teapot is her chance to grant an Aladdin-like magic wish to her daughter Hannah, even as she tries to overcome her own years of conflict with her mother Rose DiFalco. Aidan O'Malley, the wounded ex-fireman, wants the same treasure for his daughter, Kelly, so she can give his aging grandmother one last wish. Drawn together in the New Jersey resort community where the DiFalcos own a B&andB and the O'Malleys run their pub, Maddy and Aidan must overcome personal demons that threaten their fragile relationship. Only when the layers of distrust are rubbed away to expose the burnished treasure beneath can the DiFalco and O'Malley clans be united. <I>Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.</I>

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