Chick lit's top authors have united to pen a dazzling collection of lighthearted stories for a serious cause. Tales of outgrowing, growing up, going away and getting it all right in the end make this collection of savvy, spirited tales as priceless as a collection of Tiffany gems. The book's noble cause proceeds benefit the international charity War Child adds luster. Girls Night In is a chuckle, giggle, laugh-out-loud visit into the lives and libidos of vulnerable, undaunted and gutsy women who refuse to surrender their inner girl. Among the cheeky tales, the aptly named author Jennifer Weiner conducts with a distinctive baton a blearily philosophical symphony of guy-pinion on the wonders of marriage, opportunities and the Eighth Dwarf, Horny, at a bachelor party, while Marian Keyes celebrates attraction and anxiety through the eyes (if he has them) of a decidedly alien observer. Fun, fun, fun.

Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside Minnesota.


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