Terry McMillan has titled her new novel A Day Late and a Dollar Short, but it's totally timely, and as Viola Price, the feisty matriarch and mainstay of her family, would say, "it ain't short of nothin'." McMillan knows the world she writes about, knows real "family values" and offers a slice of life that's raw and earthy, problem-filled, yet touched with glimmers of hope, resilience and redemption. The story is told in six voices Viola's, her almost-ex-husband's and her four grown children's. We see each character as Viola sees them, as they see themselves, as they see each other, still scrappy siblings who love their Mama, love each other but often find it hard to like each other. McMillan's smart, sassy dialogue is made even better by the skillful interplay of the readers the author herself, Alfre Woodard and Richard Allen.

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