When your closest family friend is the president and your brother's just been shot in Central Park by a sniper, questions will arise. As a historical archaeologist, Sarah Dunnemore should know that. But this is her family! Deputy U.S. Marshal Nate Winter is convinced he's not getting all the answers from her in Carla Neggers' newest suspense novel, Night's Landing. Ethan Brooker has questions of his own, all revolving around the Dunnemore family. Why did his wife, Char, contact Sarah's mother just two days before Char was killed? One man fixated on avenging his wife, the other determined to solve his friend's shooting and protect Sarah make for powerful emotional suspense. Neggers excels at peeling back the layers of seemingly ordinary family ties to reveal surprising secrets while ratcheting up the dangers they face with consummate intensity. Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

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