Suspense novelist Scott Lawrence returns to his coastal Texas roots seeking a cure for his writer's block and the drought in his personal life in Julie Ortolon's Lead Me On. Pearl Island Inn proprietor Allison St. Claire would be the perfect diversion, if she weren't so darned nice, so milk-and-cookies sweet. Scott is game for fun, of course. The "c" word commitment is not in his extensive vocabulary. But beneath Alli's good-girl exterior is a heart as passionate as her lavender and black lace. Whether the best-selling author can stand the emotions Alli unleashes makes for a romance that shimmers with pure magic as lustrous as the force that haunts the book's island locale. A mesmerizing treat. From the author of the popular Falling for You (St Martin's 2002).

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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