Erica Spindler's Copycat offers up one of the more original premises for a suspense novel in recent memory: Five years ago, three young girls from three separate families were strangled in their own beds, with their parents asleep just down their respective halls. The bodies were arranged precisely, and the serial murderer, known as the Sleeping Angel Killer, was never caught. Fast- forward to 2006: A young girl is found dead in her bed, strangled, just like those other young girls five years before. Well, not just like, because some of the details don't quite ring true. These small discrepancies are nonetheless enough to pique the interest of veteran investigator Kitt Lundgren, who nearly caught the killer the first time around. Then Lundgren gets the surprise of her career: a call from the Sleeping Angel Killer, who claims he is not responsible for this latest killing; in fact, he is irate that someone would copy his perfect crimes. And, if he is to be believed, he wants to help the police catch this copycat killer. Spindler's characters are strong and conflicted (internally and with one another), the storyline is relentlessly gripping and the pacing is nigh on to perfection. Oh, and there are a couple of pretty slick twists, as well.

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