Running away from heartbreak becomes an opportunity for Lamour Harrington to lay ghosts to rest, search out family mysteries, and in the process rediscover herself in Elizabeth Adler's lush and evocative The House in Amalfi. Betrayed by her husband, Lamour decides to abandon Chicago for Italy and the gauzy idyll of her childhood. But even Rome cannot fulfill her needs or answer her questions, so she resolves to return to Amalfi and learn the truth about the mysterious death of her father. Her evolving relationships with a local father and son, Lorenzo and Nico, are both alluring and troubling, as Lorenzo tries to stonewall Lamour's search for the truth. And the enigmatic Aurora adds an additional thread to the panorama of one woman finding her roots and her future in the verdant landscape. Adler's sumptuous, intricately woven storytelling emerges into a grand tapestry.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

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