Sheer Abandon, Penny Vincenzi's grand soap opera of a novel, is sheer entertainment and sheer fun. Zoom in to August 1986 Baby Bianca, born in a broom closet at Heathrow airport and immediately abandoned by her mother, makes headlines in the London tabloids. Flash back to August 1985 Martha, Clio and Jocasta, carefree 18-year-olds on their way to Thailand and beyond for a gap year adventure, meet at the airport and spend time together in Bangkok with the promise, not kept, to stay in touch. Flash forward to August 2000 we find Jocasta, now a successful journalist, working on a story that will, with twists and turns galore, lead us to Clio, a gerontologist; Martha, a high-powered, highly paid attorney; the long-hidden secret of who is baby Bianca's mother (you know it's one of these three); and the now teenaged baby Bianca herself. Juicy subplots with love, marriage and careers seesawing from bliss to abyss and back keep you hooked and asking for more (I hope there's a sequel in the works). Narrator Rosalyn Landor is on the mark with each character male, female, young and old.

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