The crime caper is Carl Hiaasen's beat, and it's hard to beat him at it. Set on his familiar, flamboyant Florida turf, Skinny Dip is filled with delightfully eccentric and eccentrically screwed-up characters, including Skink, ex-governor-turned-ecological-avenger of the endangered Everglades; Chaz, a real sleaze who abets the endangerment of the Everglades, then tries to kill his gorgeous wife; and Mick, the many-times-married island recluse who saves her. Once again Hiaasen shows us that crime doesn't pay or as Karl Rolvaag (no, not Giants in the Earth Rolvaag), the pale blond Minnesotan cop who keeps two pale blond pythons as pets, describes it, a case that wrapped itself up . . . where all the bad guys just canceled each other out and saved everybody the hassle of a trial. Narrator Barry Bostwick does a bang-up job and seems to be having as much fun reading as you'll have listening.

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