In the gumbo of backcountry Louisiana, Jilly Gable stirs up the heat with Guy Gautreux, a N'Awlins cop on leave who hasn't left the mean streets of the French Quarter as far behind as he thought, in Stella Cameron's A Grave Mistake. Abandoned as a child, Jilly now owns the pastry shop All Tarted Up. The successful Cajun businesswoman has been dancing around a relationship with Guy since he came to tiny Toussaint, but he won't commit. When the wealthy Edith Preston arrives claiming to be Jilly's mother, Guy wonders if Jilly's new family can be trusted, and his cop instincts compete with his desires for her. Jilly's siblings, Laura and Wes, seem to welcome her and Edith as part of the Preston family, but their own games and passions run dark. Dark enough for murder? Cameron whips up a spicy roux that will keep readers enthralled.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.

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