In the last year or so, fast food or food fast, getting a good dinner on the table in as close to a nanosecond as possible, was the culinary war cry for lots of well-known, cookbook-writing chefs. Right now, it seems, everyone is concerned about our understanding of cooking fundamentals and giving us the confidence to actually go into the kitchen and face the stove. The latest to offer such basic instruction is the wonderfully irreverent Jamie Oliver, who states his goal in the very title of his seventh book, Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook. He's perplexed that we've moved away from the importance of home-cooked food to relying on prepackaged, pre-prepped items that may not be healthy or even tasty. So, here are Jamie's modern-day basics for shopping and cooking with great ingredients. He's upfront about his strong opinions on what to buy and what to do with what you buy explaining his take on slow, fast, how and why. Each of the six chapters salad, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and dessert have some nice and simple recipes [more than 175] to show you the importance of getting the basic cooking bit right and to show you that nothing, not even a green salad, need be boring, or difficult. A great addition to the Oliverian oeuvre.

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