Years ago, Meghann Dontess abandoned her younger sister Claire. When she receives an invitation to attend Claire's wedding to country singer Bobby Jack Austin, a man she's known for 10 days the estrangement finally has a chance to heal. Whether Meghann and Claire can overcome their years of living separate lives is tested in Kristin Hannah's powerful Between Sisters. An uber-successful divorce lawyer who hides from her own emotions in shallow one-night stands, Meghann is compelled to examine her own life and choices in the light of her "poor" sister's wealth, measured in Claire's relationships with her father, Sam, and her little daughter, Ali Kat. More and more, Meghann turns to the mysterious auto mechanic, Joe, a widower who is as determined as she is to avoid the entanglement of another relationship. Joe is the one person Meghann can rely on when Claire's honeymoon becomes a journey to hell. Kristin Hannah will have readers pulling out their the hankies as they share the joys and fears of sisters compelled to forge anew the bonds of love.



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