A remote Idaho mountain ranch is the magnet drawing Pepper Prescott from Washington, D.C., after she witnesses a murder. But the beacon of safety she's homing in on brings her right into the center of a snare to lure terrorist Annar Schuster to justice. In Christina Dodd's bracing romantic suspense novel, Almost Like Being in Love, Pepper's search for sanctuary brings her back into contact with a long-ago love. Agent Dan Graham is setting the trap for Schuster, and Pepper's unexpected return to the ranch complicates his plans and his emotions. Dan's instincts tell him that Pepper has returned only to find a safe refuge, but he's afraid to trust her entirely his training warns him that she may be his greatest threat. Pepper must decide whether she's ready to stop running and face the challenges that haunt her. Dodd's writing has a fresh-as-the-Rockies air that makes this back-to-the-ranch tale a rouser.

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