If it takes one to know one, then Jeremiah Tower is the one to take us on a tour of the current culinary geniuses. Tower, a founding father of the American Culinary Revolution ("serious simplicity" based on the finest and freshest) that started in California in the early '70s, selected 13 James Beard Award-winning chefs from coast to coast to feature in his 26-part PBS series, and has now put those recipes and his lively and informative commentary in America's Best Chefs Cook with Jeremiah Tower. Though all these star-studded chefs cook in elaborate restaurant kitchens, Tower chose to cook with them at home, leveling the gastronomic playing field for mere mortals like us. More than 100 recipes run the gamut from starters and sandwiches through desserts, and even though we're cooking with the crme de la crme, many are deceptively simple: Charlie Trotter's Crisp Arugula-Polenta Cakes, perfect with roasts and ragouts; Michael Romano's Chicken Saltimboca served with Spinach and Garlic; and Robert McGrath's divinely rich Skillet Pecan Pie. You can't beat the best, so why not join this happy band of sensational chefs?

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