A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes by David Tanis is a cookbook with attitude, not to mention the 100 recipes and 24 menus included. That attitude comes from working with the legendary Alice Waters at Chez Panisse for the last 25 years and from David's own core belief that "the best meals mirror nature and celebrate the seasonal," that simple food, simply served, can be a pure, sensual experience. Many cooks and their books claim to be based on that same principle, but this one is true to it through and through. You won't find a fussy dish or an ingredient too many; you will find six menus per season made up of only three doable courses each. These are not "30 - minute - specials"; David loves food and loves the process of preparing it and "building a meal." Not that he wants you slaving in the kitchen all day - far from it. Just consider menu 14 (it got me a grand ovation!) - garlic and tomato - rubbed toasted country bread topped with an anchovy fillet to start, a fantastic fish soup with mussels and spicy chorizo, and goat cheese with artisanal honey for dessert. Simply superb, understated elegance, and there are 23 others to savor.

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