Tyler Florence, a popular personality and heavy hitter on The Food Network, has just published his third cookbook. Tyler's Ultimate: Brilliant Simple Food to Make Any Time is his ode to the ultimate in pleasure, not the kind, thank goodness, that requires metaphysical analysis or anything X-rated, but pleasure engendered by simple, delicious food you can make in your own kitchen in a reasonable amount of time with ultimate confidence. Nimble, knowledgeable, a fan of big flavors, Tyler distills his ultimate recipes from the fabulous dishes he's sampled on his gourmet globe-trots and offers streamlined translations of favorites from restaurants, homes and street food. His super-sauced Ultimate Barbecued Chicken is brined for extra succulence before it hits the grill; Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese is superbly comforting with a topping of bacon, peas, garlic and onion; Ultimate Crab Cakes made with fresh bread crumbs and served with Chile Mayonnaise are divinely light and bright. The beat, both savory and sweet, goes on for more than 125 recipes.

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