When Easy Rawlins is on a case, you get a lot more than an intricately plotted, well-paced hunt for the perp, you get a look at America in the 1960s, when overt racism was just beginning to be challenged. Cinnamon Kiss proves again that no one in this overcrowded mystery genre sets the setting better than Walter Mosley and no one performs Mosley's crime fiction better than Michael Boatman, who can conjure up an amazingly nuanced range of white and African-American accents, old, young, male and female. In Cinnamon Kiss, Easy's beloved daughter needs extravagantly expensive medical care. To provide that care, Easy's willing to do anything, and anything turns into a wild, wildly dangerous search for a gorgeous woman with a stash of bearer bonds. This one was released last fall, but it's just too good to pass up.

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