Coop that's Alexandra Cooper, assistant D.A. in New York City's Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit, for those of you who are not already fans of Linda Fairstein's best-selling series starring this feisty fighter for justice is back in Death Dance, ably read by Blair Brown. Coop's crime-solving colleagues, investigators Mercer Wallace and Mike Chapman, join her here as they probe the case of Natalya Galinova, a prima ballerina who disappeared during a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House, only to be found crumpled, bloodied and decidedly dead at the bottom of a massive cooling unit. It's not a sex crime, but Coop, a longtime dancer herself, wants in, little knowing that it might turn deadly for her, too. There are suspects galore, including a Broadway impresario-Lothario with an ego the size of Carnegie Hall, his hostile niece, an aristocratic patron of the arts and the Met's evasive artistic director. As always, the forensic and legal detail is right-on, as is the backstage backstabbing and intrigue.

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