April brings a deluge of romance in every variety, perfect for growing a garden of exciting and entertaining reading experiences.

Linda Lael Miller wraps up the saga of three sexy brothers in Montana Creeds: Tyler. World-champion bronc rider Tyler Creed returns to Stillwater Springs, Montana, to figure out the man he might have been if he’d stayed in contact with his half-brothers, Logan and Dylan. They have their abusive father in common, but the memories of that man make it hard to go home. Looking for a distraction, Tyler is happy to discover that a past sweetheart, Lily Kenyon, has returned to Stillwater Springs to care for her ill father. Sparks fly when Tyler and Lily meet again, and they quickly find themselves in lust . . . and love. But the past needs to be faced and old mistakes must be forgiven before Tyler can commit to a life that includes family and before Lily can trust the man who once broke her heart. This is a sexy contemporary, cowboy-style, with a heartwarming reconciliation between three big men who find they need their brothers as much as their women.

Devilish fun
In Every Demon Has His Day by Cara Lockwood, heroine Constance Plyd has a problem: her almost-ex is dead in her garage on the very day he was to sign divorce papers. Though innocent, Constance is the obvious murder suspect, but she has an even bigger challenge. She’s been anointed as the “Chosen One,” the human who can identify who the Devil should, um, do in order to conceive the antichrist. Demons (including one with a penchant for self-help books) track Constance’s every move, even as she gathers her own special force of helpers. There is the ghost of her former husband, Dead Jimmy; an English-speaking French bulldog and almost angel, Fred; her tarot-card reading mother; and the irresistible but incredulous local sheriff, Nathan Garrett. Constance has something of a history with the lawman, which doesn’t make it easier for her to convince him that otherworldly powers are at work. Fast-paced and peopled with weird but hilarious characters, Lockwood’s novel is full of fiendish laughs.

Military man
Readers who look for heroes in the armed forces have SEALed with a Promise by Mary Margret Daughtridge to enjoy this month. Navy SEAL Caleb “Do-Lord” Delaude is a member of his best friend’s wedding party. Raised poor and without a father, the highly intelligent Do-Lord has prepared himself for the fancy nuptials by studying a selection of etiquette books. Nothing, however, has prepared him for the maid of honor, academic Emmie Caddington. Her quiet ways and mousy looks somehow appeal to him and when he finds that she has connections to one Senator Teague Calhoun, Do-Lord comes up with a plan. He’ll get close to Emmie and get close to the senator—the man he has sworn to kill. Emmie’s confused yet thrilled by Do-Lord’s attentions, and she uses that excitement to come out of her shell and fall for the sexy SEAL. But will his revenge plan get in the way of their growing feelings?

Notorious bargain
Two of Regency London’s most famous bachelors make a scandalous bet in An Indecent Proposition by Emma Wildes. They place a public wager on which is the most skilled lover, though it’s their eyebrows that rise when a woman offers to separately bed them both. Nicholas Manning, the Duke of Rothay, and Derek Drake, the Earl of Manderville, are shocked that respectable young widow Lady Caroline Wynn is inviting the salacious escapades. But after an abusive marriage, Caroline’s desperate to understand the pleasures denied her. So the duke whisks her away to teach her how a skilled man seduces a beautiful woman. After a week, they return to London, but neither can forget the other—and it looks as if the earl won’t get his chance in bed with Caroline, who now knows love, too. Sexually detailed, yet sweet as well as sensual, this is a story of awakenings—that of a woman’s body and also of two reluctant hearts.

Christie Ridgway writes contemporary romance from her home in Southern California

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