Cupcakes, those little iced darlings, the delight of my childhood and yours, are getting dressed up filled, frosted, turned upside-down and even being served at chic events. Anne Byrn, aka The Cake Mix Doctor, has taken them up and cupcake baking will never be the same. Using the same culinary alchemy that transformed ordinary boxed cake mixes into wows and winners in her previous books, the Doctor is now dispensing prescriptions for baked confections guaranteed to make you smile in Cupcakes From the Cake Mix Doctor. She shares 135 recipes, plus her tricks and tips for decorating, baking ahead, storing and planning parties. You'll find cupcakes for all seasons, for children and grownups, for everyday and for special occasions: kid-pleasing Peanut Butter Surprises; spiked, adults-only White Russian Cupcakes; school-lunch-enlivening Easy Granola Muffins; sumptuous wedding cakes, edible flower bouquets and holiday wreaths.

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