<B>Daddy's little girl</B> Lady Roz's last act of selfishness revealing her daughter's true parentage sets off Jasmine Cresswell's fast-paced, intelligent puzzle of a political thriller, <B>Decoy</B>. On the brink of opening her own art gallery, Melody Beecham's world is ripped apart by the mysterious death of her mother and the abrupt change of the man she knew as her father, Wallis Beecham, into her deadly adversary. When she is recruited into the clandestine Unit One, Melody sees the chance to avenge her mother and gain revenge against Beecham by exposing his secret Bonita project. Well-schooled in poise by her earlier life as a glamorous model and the granddaughter of British aristocrats, Melody teams with the enigmatic Nikolai Anwar to expose the corrupt villainy behind Beecham's hillbilly faade. As riveting as contemporary headlines, Cresswell's story is a page-turner you'll want to devour in one breathtaking ride.

<I>Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.</I>

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