The delicate dance of courtship between the determined suitor and the captivated yet resistant lady is the foundation of the quintessential romance. There's nary a misstep for the talented Stephanie Laurens as she choreographs a winsome waltz deftly balanced with a splash of intrigue in The Ideal Bride. Caro Sutcliffe is the Merry Widow, determined never again to enter a loveless marriage. Michael Anstruther-Wetherby needs a bride to advance his career as a member of Parliament. When he realizes Caro would be the perfect political wife, he pursues her. When he realizes Caro has captured his heart, he risks his own life and sets aside his ambitions to keep her. Amid the intricate and ordered world of the Ton, Caro and Michael's affair is shadowed by mysterious efforts to learn whatever secret her late husband Camden's papers might disclose about his diplomatic years in Portugal. Secrets surround Camden's personal life, too, and when Caro realizes she hasn't known and kept safe his deepest one, she faces mortal danger. The passions run high in the evocative dance between Caro and Michael, captivating readers who love their romance as blazing as the fireside and as true as love joyously discovered by jaded hearts.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

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