Nancy Bush takes readers on a thrill ride in Nowhere Safe, her danger-filled novel of suspense spiced with romance. There’s a killer leaving bodies in public places in Detective September Rafferty’s town. Is it, as some say, the work of a vigilante who has a sixth sense about sexual predators and orchestrates their deaths? There is also a long list of missing women, leading September and her fellow detectives to believe that there could be yet another predator on a deadly hunt. At the same time, September is navigating her newfound romance with handsome businessman Jake Westerly. She loves him, she’s sure of that, but maybe they’re moving too fast, especially considering the fact that Jake is still getting calls from his seriously unstable ex-girlfriend. Could the volatile woman be an actual threat to Jake or September? The suspense threads are masterfully woven in this gritty, chilling tale.

The romance is super-steamy and supernatural in Kait Ballenger’s Twilight Hunter. In an imaginative world where humans are largely unaware of the other kinds of beings around them, half-werewolf, half-human Jace McCannon works for the Execution Underground, an international network of hunters out to stop paranormal criminals. As he tracks down a werewolf that is serially attacking and murdering young women, he crosses paths with the beautiful Frankie Amato—who reveals her werewolf identity but doesn’t disclose that she’s also the local pack’s leader. As more murders occur, Jace and Frankie join forces to stop the evil at work in their city. But this causes friction within the pack and among Jace’s friends and Execution Underground colleagues, who distrust the new alliance. Still, Jace and Frankie persevere, until Jace learns secrets about himself that threaten his growing bond with Frankie and put both of their lives in danger. A sadistic, bloodthirsty villain makes this read as scary as it is exciting.

Anne Stuart offers a delicious blend of danger, deception and passion in Never Kiss a Rake. In Victorian England, Bryony Russell’s father dies after purportedly embezzling from his shipping company, leaving Bryony and her two sisters in financial and social ruin. Certain her father would never have done such a thing, Bryony endeavors to uncover the truth. Her first step is getting hired as a housekeeper for her father’s partner, the charming yet cynical Earl of Kilmartyn, Adrian Bruton. While she finds the earl handsome, Bryony knows not to trust him—or his equally beautiful but mean-spirited wife, who openly declares that the new housekeeper’s facial scars (from a childhood illness) have rendered her ugly. Bryony is unsurprised—she’s heard a similar sentiment from her mother—and she remains dogged about finding evidence against her employer. But several brushes with death make her wonder if Adrian is trying to get rid of her—as well as his wife, who mysteriously goes missing. Still, a reluctant attraction between Bryony and the earl begins to smolder and then flame. He makes her feel beautiful—but is it a ruse, or real? Clever banter, an evil bad guy and sizzling sexual tension round out another Stuart winner.

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