On the misty dark streets of 1880s Whitechapel, Darcie Finch is driven by desperation to Mrs. Feather's House, the notorious brothel run by her older sister, Abigail. There, Darcie finds the miracle of an opportunity for a better life. Instead of becoming a working girl, she is taken in by Dr. Damien Cole as a maid-of-all-work in debut novelist Eve Silver's beguiling Gothic tale, Dark Desires. Fascinated by the handsome doctor and his work, Darcie becomes his medical sketch artist, accompanying him as he treats patients. But the dark realities of Whitechapel mysterious murders, body parts stolen surround her new life. Evidence seems to point to the melancholy doctor, forcing Darcie to choose between her instincts and growing love for Damien and the suspicions that swirl around them. Silver has created a solid gold Gothic. Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.

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