While at work in her field of genetics, Dr. Megan Sheridan discovers a provocative new area of research that leads her down dark paths in Rebecca York's shivery romantic suspense novel, Killing Moon. Ross Marshall is a private investigator with unique talent and qualities that make him an invaluable resource for Det. Jack Thornton. But those same qualities threaten Ross' very survival. Megan treats his wounds, then learns the transforming scope of his unusual heritage, but that knowledge and Ross' dogged pursuit of serial killer Donald Arnott threaten her own life. The doctor and the lone wolf are drawn together as lifemates, yet as hunter becomes hunted, forces eager to destroy them may make that life all too short. Killing Moon will captivate readers with mesmerizing action and passions that leap from the pages with the power of a wolf's coiled spring.

Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

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