What would you rather have 60-something great dessert recipes or 200 slightly-better-than-average recipes? The answer comes easily to Jeremy Jackson, the author of Desserts That Have Killed Better Men Than Me. He wants every recipe to be a knockout, and the 69 included here will have you and your fellow indulgees down for the count every time. As he says, "If we wanted mediocrity, we'd settle for store-bought cookies." And he doesn't fudge the fact that most divine desserts are somewhat, if not totally, decadent, so, despite his title's dramatic declaration, Jeremy does advise moderation and small portions. You won't serve intense, molten-centered Chocolate Sinkholes, Sticky Toffee Pudding swaddled in creamy caramel sauce or rich, vibrant Three-Lemon Cheesecake every day, but when you do, you'll wow your gleeful guests. If your killer instinct is quiescent, try the less lethal (but still sublime) Slow-Roasted Pineapple Sauce, Berry BržlŽe or Ginger Sherbet. Some may be familiar, others brand new, but there's not a deadbeat dessert among them.

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