Sometimes a happy ending is all the more satisfying after years of delay, as Destiny Carlton discovers in Sherryl Woods' Destiny Unleashed. Destiny gave up her romance with William Harcourt and an exciting European lifestyle to build a life in America and raise her three orphaned nephews. Decades later, when all three boys have settled nicely into marriage and corporate careers, Destiny is drawn back to Europe, where she again encounters William. This time, he seems uninterested in romance, and intent on ruining her family's empire. Is he driven by revenge? What would he think about the corporate gamesmanship Destiny planned for him? But William has plans of his own. Now that Destiny's on his turf, he's determined to persuade her that bedroom games are much more satisfactory than boardroom maneuvers. Woods treats readers to a well-seasoned validation that romance is ripe at any age.

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