<B>Did he or didn't he?</B> Super-rich, brilliant inventor John Snow is found dead in an alley near Mass General early on the morning he was scheduled for high-risk brain surgery: the procedure could have cured his dreaded, debilitating epilepsy, but might have cost him his memory. Did he kill himself or was he murdered? It's hard to tell, and that's what makes Keith Ablow's <B>Murder Suicide</B>, with well-paced narration by Kevin O'Rourke, so intriguing. To get the answer, forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger must first understand the complex Mr. Snow, then the motives of the many who might have wanted him dead his wife, his mistress, his mistress' husband, his business partner, his estranged son, his obsessively possessive daughter, even his surgeon. It's a good one that will keep you guessing.

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