Ake Edwardson, three-time winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers Award, is back with number 12 in the Erik Winter police procedural series, Frozen Tracks. Someone has been systematically beating students nearly to death in normally quiet Gothenburg. The gruesome twist is that the weapon appears to be a branding iron of the sort outlawed in the European Union for years. The students, to a one, claim not to know who might wish them ill, but their stories ring false to Winter. Meanwhile, a series of similarly themed child abductions has been baffling the police. The kids have returned home unharmed, but with successively stranger stories of their temporary disappearances. Clearly the perpetrator is ramping up for a full-on kidnapping or worse. In short order, these two investigations will dovetail with disturbing and surprising results for all involved. Fans of Henning Mankell and Karin Fossum (as well as Ian Rankin and Donna Leon) will find a great new friend in Edwardson.

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