Oh, to know the joys of being a diva or a princess. Want to learn all about Ôem? Unveil the secrets of each in a new two-for-one novella. In Erica Orloff's Divas Don't Fake It, master diva Xandra heroically juggles full-frontal confrontations with conniving attorneys for her public relations clients while pursuing the club life with her best buddy, Scott. He introduces her to the love of her fast-lane life, Professor David White, whose low-key exterior belies his mastery of what it takes to please a diva. Turn the book over (literally) and you'll find yet another novella, The Princess-in-Training Manual. In this flip-side tale, Princess Jacqueline de Soignee shares everything she knows about self-absorption. The life of a princess is a wearying round of cameo movie appearances (and shopping), leading the board of her Foundation (and shopping), instant celebrity for her writing (and shopping), tabloid romance (and shopping). These two how-to-live-life-at-the-top stories delightfully blend dishy good times with nuggets of wisdom that can brighten our own mundane lives. Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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