No sugarplum dreams dance in this riveting nightmare tale! As dreamscapes and reality entwine, Jayne Ann Krentz takes the concept of lucid dreaming, which traces its roots back to Aristotle, into the realm of contemporary suspense in Falling Awake. Isabel Wright analyzes dreams for very special clients of the Belvedere sleep clinic. One client fascinates her, and she dubs him Dream Man. When that Dream Man, Ellis Colter, shows up and solicits her help in tracking down a serial killer, Isabel joins the hunt. She is unaware that Ellis has known her identity all along, even dubbing her his Tango Dancer. The pair weave their distinctive investigative talents through lucid dreams and all-too-real dangers and passions. Isabel and Ellis risk their own lives in the hunt for Vincent Scargill, who was Ellis' former colleague. They discover that Scargill carries more secrets than they initially believe, leading Isabel to an enemy with the power to destroy them all. Whether in the ethereal realm of dreams or the cutting-edge reality of GPS devices, Krentz creates a seamless suspense of uncommon fascination.

Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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