The Joy of Cooking has been a mainstay for millions ever since Irma S. Rombauer first told her readers to stand facing the stove. What started in 1931 as Irma's collection of favorite recipes, sold from her apartment in St. Louis, mushroomed into the go-to, have-to-have cookbook for generations, the resource with the answers and the recipes. To honor this venerable veteran on its 75th anniversary, a new edition of The Joy of Cooking promises to un-gussy all that got gussied up in the last revision, 10 years ago, and to bring back the pragmatic voices of Irma and her daughter, Marion Rombauer Becker, who devoted years to refining and revising their culinary creation. Restoring the comfort quotient doesn't mean there's nothing new. Indeed, 500 recipes have been added, including breakfast bars, smoked brisket, corn dogs, spinach dip in a bread bowl, velvet cake, rolled sushi, green posole, enchiladas, wraps, smoothies and advice on making your own flavored vodkas. Many of the treasured dishes cruelly excised from the 1997 edition have been restored, including the entire chapter on brunch, lunch and supper recipes with the necessary how-tos for turkey tetrazzini, Quick Tuna Casserole (canned cream of mushroom soup is legit again!), frozen desserts (ice cream and all) and the recipes for bear, boar and game galore. In this new year, there's good reason to jump for Joy!

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