On the Isle of Wild Horses, Alannah relies on almost mystical senses to compensate for her blindness. But the Isle is a protected world until a storm washes Xanthier O'Bannon onto its shores after a shipwreck. The sea captain may be out of his element on the ethereal island, but the sight of the beautiful Alannah astride her white stallion captivates his heart. Their courtship is interrupted by the Scotsman's enemies in Sasha Lord's swashbuckling historical fantasy, Across a Wild Sea. The vengeful Kurgan and his mercenary gang intend to destroy Xanthier and Alannah and their young daughter Istabelle, but the two fight back with astonishing courage. This absorbing romantic tale captures the epic scale of legends and wild seas with Žlan. Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota.

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