Best-selling author Christina Dodd begins a new series of contemporary novels with Trouble in High Heels, a dishy, fast-paced suspense novel with a winking sense of delight. Brandi Michaels, daughter to the man-pleasing beauty Tiffany, has vowed to create a sensible, orderly life for herself. But when she's suddenly jilted by her fiancŽ, the busty blonde beauty pulls out the stops for one night of no-strings-attached hot sex with Roberto, a juicy Italian count (who just might be a jewel thief). When she arrives back home to find her apartment ransacked, her life in the sights of an unknown killer, she has no choice but to turn to Roberto for help even if it means her whole life falls apart. Dodd has created a fast, very sexy modern adventure.

Barbara Samuel's latest book is Madame Mirabou's School of Love.

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