Heroine Bronte Talbott of Megan Mulry’s A Royal Pain never thought her adolescent obsession with British royalty would amount to anything. After all, as a career-driven New Yorker, she lives in a world far from those fantasies. But then a move to Chicago introduces her to sexy British doctoral student Max Heyworth, who has eight weeks left in the States. Bronte considers this the perfect scenario: A relationship with an end date means she won’t lose her heart . . . and Max is irresistible. Despite their bargain to keep things casual, Max confesses how much he cares for Bronte—and that he’s not just a lowly graduate student, but also the Duke of Northrop. Will she go home to England with him? Stunned, the independent Bronte refuses, but promptly realizes she’s miserable without Max. Will she give their relationship a chance, despite financial differences, geographic disparity and Max’s disapproving mother? A modern love story fizzing with bubbles of Cinderella fantasy.

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In An Heiress at Heart by Jennifer Delamere, clergyman Geoffrey Somerville inherits a title and with it a brand-new life. Complicating matters is the surprise return from Australia of his brother’s widow Ria, whom Geoffrey has never met. Despite the mystery surrounding the woman, Geoffrey finds himself drawn to her. Life is no easier for Ria. In actual fact, she’s Lizzie Poole, who ran from scandal in London only to discover a near-identical resemblance and a deep friendship between herself and the real-life Ria. When Ria dies and Lizzie is left alone in the world, she fulfills a promise to step into the woman’s life. The idea sounded fine at the time, but now—faced with reality and her feelings for Geoffrey—Lizzie is stymied. The conflicts seem insurmountable in this tender, kisses-only romance, but understanding and forgiveness forge a path for happiness.

Former lovers reunite and their passion reignites in Scorched by Laura Griffin. The discovery of a wanted terrorist’s remains catapults forensic anthropologist Kelsey Quinn into danger, forcing her to run for her life. When her ex, Navy SEAL Gage Brewer, learns she’s missing, he sets out after her. Though Kelsey is afraid to involve him in her trouble—and afraid to get attached emotionally to Gage—she needs his help to determine what’s at stake. They take to the road, following clues and escaping bullets along the way. Togetherness causes sparks to fly, but the old obstacles are still between them: Gage’s love for his job and Kelsey’s fear for him while he’s doing it. But they both see their conflicts through new eyes as they race to prevent a deadly attack. A fast-moving plot with likeable, interesting characters creates a compelling read. Readers will root for Kelsey and Gage to save the day—and their love.

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