"Fusion" cooking has been popular for a while and I've sampled some that works and some that doesn't; these cross-cultural combos can often seem forced and too far-out. That will never be said about the food created by award-winning restaurateur and cookbook author Susanna Foo. Foo grew up in China and began her career by re-creating the flavors of her natal country. But, as you can see in Susanna Foo Fresh Inspiration, her "culinary horizons suddenly expanded," radically changing her cooking style. Foo never calls her food "fusion," yet her dishes integrate many cuisines. By incorporating seasonal vegetables with traditional ingredients (check out the Truffled Potato Dumplings, White Corn Soup, Butternut Squash Goo Lai), blending the cooking techniques of both East and West (Slow-Roasted Salmon primed in a sake-ginger brine), and opening herself up to Asian and European influences (Chinese-Style Ratatouille, Rice Noodle Flan), she takes the best of the best and leaves us with simple recipes for simply fabulous food.

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