Hamill's 16th book is a one-of-a-kind tribute to New York. Through a mysterious twist of fate, Irishman Cormac O'Connor is promised eternal life and youth, but naturally, there's a catch: in order for the magic to take effect, he must never leave Manhattan. On a quest to find his father's killer, O'Connor arrives on the island in 1740. Watching New York develop from a small outpost in the woods to the booming city of contemporary times, he fights in the Revolutionary War, meets Boss Tweed and witnesses modern tragedies, including the terrorist attacks of September 11. He also falls in love with a tough Dominican girl named Delfina. Meanwhile, his desire for revenge never flags. Skillfully blending fact and fiction in this spirited historical novel, Hamill has created a moving testament to humanity's will to endure. A reading group guide is bound in the book.

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