Diane Johnson has had a great deal of fun focusing on the foibles, follies and faux pas of Americans in Paris. In her latest, L'Affaire, read with an admirable combination of Gallic and American accents by Blair Brown, Johnson moves her characters to the French Alps for the better part of the action, but never takes her witty, wise gaze from the comedy of contemporary manners played out between the sexes as they stumble over cultural barriers and slam into cultural stereotypes. Here, Amy Hawkins, a smart, pretty Palo Alto girl who made herself a dot-com fortune, goes to France to get a sheen of sophistication and, perhaps, to have an affair that will ruffle her all-too-steady heart. Delightful, but never frothy, it leaves you wondering what could be left after Le Mariage, Le Divorce and L'Affaire.

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