When a mysterious advice columnist who's a hit with his female readership turns out to be a tall, gorgeous example of eye candy, what's a hard-driving publicist to do but make him the centerpiece of a fledgling magazine, Glass Slipper, about life makeovers for women? Except, columnist Eric has one teeny-tiny little flaw the man's man who lets women in on all guys' secrets happens to be gay. So publicist Valerie Wagner and erstwhile columnist Eric concoct a scheme to use his best childhood friend Jack as a photo double. Donna Kauffman's fairy-tale romp, Dear Prince Charming, is as fast-moving and zingy as the world-class pingpong matches down-on-his-luck sportswriter Jack Lambert used to cover. With Eric and Valerie doing the persuading, Jack abandons his protestations and goes along with the game. Everyone's a winner, especially readers! Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside Minnesota.

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